Books Reviews

This is not a comprehensive book list.  I know there are many that are not on here that would be very worthwhile to read.  I have included some of my very favorites.  These are books that I think apply to a broad spectrum of people and almost anyone who reads any of these books will not only learn something but become a better person for it.

Along with this list I have included media links to give you a little more insight to both the book and the author.  Please listen to the interview before you decide because it will help you to make the best choice for you as to what book would be best for you.

Phsyco Cybernetics

Interview with the author YouTube

Your’e a Badass

Interview with the author

The Go Giver

Interview with the author

The Art of Work

Interview with the author

The Power of Habit

Interview with the author

Change Anything

Ted talk by the author YouTube

Start with Why

explanation by the author part 1

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Overview of book By the author… Youtube