Welcome to step #1 : Begining With The End In Mind

Beginning with the End In Mind is a key marker of success.

If you can paint a vivid picture of what your END looks and feels like you will be more inclined to find the reasons why it is important for you to achieve it.

To many of us wonder around in life with a vague notion of what we want to accomplish in this life, We take what comes to us instead of being intentional to protect our vision of who we want to be and the legacy we want to leave.

After you watch the video above get yourself in a quiet place where you can concentrate for a few minutes.  make sure you take you pen and notebook with you because I am sure you are going to experience things you will want to write down.




1- Go to a quiet place you can concentrate

2- Have something to take notes with

3- Be ready to dig deep


**The Level at which you engage in this exercise will determine the level of success you have with this workshop.  Challenge yourself to be vulnerable and real with yourself.