Your Personal Constitutuion Recap

Here is what you do now!!

1- Now that you have painted a clear vision of what you want and what it will take to get there do not, I repeat DO NOT put this in a drawer to forget about.  It is too important of a document to do that.  Use one of the examples or create your own but make sure it is in a place that you will be reminded of it often, even daily.

2- Share it with as many people as you can.  This can be hard but it is a vital part of the process.  You are not an island and acting like one is what gets us into trouble.  Enlist those in your world to support you and be inspired by you.  You can share it through social media or in person but once it is complete you have a responsibility to share it.

3- Find someone to hold you accountable to it.  This can be a friend, coach, mentor, spouse or anyone who has you best interest at heart.  Things will happen and the ties you have with the support of others will play a key role in your staying in integrity with your core purpose.

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