Welcome to step #3 : Creating you Massive Action Plan (MAP)


This method not only teaches you how to organize, but how to actually think differently from those who become muddled in an ocean of activities.

This plan will take you from a to-do list mindset and move you to a purpose-driven plan of action.

Significant choices vs. significant changes

This step you will design a plan that will fill the gap from where you are in the areas you want to improve, or change course and where you want to be.

It is important to remember that the goals and objectives you set are not the end, but they are a means to that end. ¬†Meaning don’t get so caught up in the goal that you lose sight of your true desire to become the End you visualized through this process. Your plan of action is simply you making choices that get you closer to the person and life you desire. ¬†As your life changes and the information you have changes, your plan will be modified.

If your personal constitution dictates the values, principles, and absolutes you will guide your life by, then you plan of action are the laws you put in place to ensure your desired outcome.