Welcome to step #2 : Power in your purpose

There are usually only two sources of motivation

The first is the kind that we want to move away from.  This might be something you can see happening if you don’t change certain aspects of your life.  You might already be seeing your fear or pain happening.

The second is the kind of motivation you want to move toward.  This takes a little more discipline, for some of you, it might be the first time you have looked into your future and created a vision of what you want instead of accepting that whatever comes.  The “toward” Motivation is the most powerful source of motivation because it is encouraging fun and exciting.  it is pulling you rather than pushing you.

Our reasons we have to move toward our desired outcome are cultivated with intention and making deliberate choices to bring it to pass. The Pain that we want to move away from is usually caused by a lack of intentional choice, so we end up where ever the wind blows us, Often that is not a pleasant place.


The more reasons the better.

Because the toward Motivation is a little more difficult at first I have provided a simple worksheet to identify both motivations so you can be aware going forward what to concentrate on.