Life Mastery Mastermind

Stop Playing Small. Start Living BIG.

Every day, millions of people just like you let their BIG life dreams, aspirations, and goals go by the wayside.

It’s time to change that.



The Problem: A Modern Day Dilemma

Life is complicated. We get it. Too much to do, not enough time. A million competing demands from friends and family, work and community, health concerns, and financial troubles.

These things pull at our attention, keep us focused on others, and fill our to-do lists. We juggle, and manage,and make it work because that’s what we do. But inside, we know there’s something missing.  The daily grind can keep you busy while really accomplishing very little.

All that “STUFF” is on the surface—necessary, yes, but short-term. In the process of focusing on everything (and everyone) else, the deeper, more important parts of life—the things that bring long-term success, joy, and true LIFE fulfillment—can easily be forgotten, neglected and

infinitely postponed.

The result?

  • A nagging sense of discontentment…leading to disappointment and endless attempts to find that impossible point of “balance.”
  • Constant stress and overwhelm…leading to physical, mental, and emotional health problems; work performance issues; and relationship turmoil.
  • Lack of progress on meaningful goals…leading to feelings of failure, even with no evidence to support it, and a belief that you’re disappointing others.
  • A feeling of disconnection…leading to even greater levels of isolation.
  • A feeling that life is passing too quickly…leading to anxiety, constant efforts to do MORE, and eventual burnout.
  • Lack of self-esteem and confidenc…leading to poor decisions and self-doubt.
  • Resentment toward family, friends, work and community…leading to strained relationships, frustration and even more stress.

Can you relate?

More importantly, are you ready to make a CHANGE?

If so, it’s time to take the BIG life leap.


The Solution: Live an EMPOWERED LIFE

Jayson Linford, CEO of The Life Empowered Project , has experienced the problems discussed in the mastermind first hand.He has spent 15 years overcoming personal and professional struggles, experienced tragedies and immeasurable success. In the process, he developed a deep understanding of and appreciation for what it takes to live an empowered life—the kind of life that makes you proud, excited to wake up each day, and eager to see what the future holds.

The Empowered Life Mastermind offers a new philosophy for integrating all of life’s many facets and provides a holistic roadmap for success, both personally and professionally.

This approach empowers both men and women to live fearlessly—to create not the “perfect” life, but the life that’s perfect for them.

What does living an Empowered life look like? Well, imagine…

  • Nurturing yourself in a guilt-free way and, in doing so, finding you’re able to offer others more.
  • Being a role model for your children, your colleagues, and everyone you come into contact with.
  • Making smart, courageous choices, both personally and professionally—the kind that push you toward your goals instead of away from them.
  • Facing challenges with an empowered, fearless perspective so you can “bounce back” from even the most devastating setbacks.
  • Being the best version of you, feeling spiritually connected to your purpose, and living a life aligned with your inner values and vision.
  • Feeling fully invigorated in ALL aspects of life.

This isn’t just a noble aspiration for the future. Too many people wait until they reach a breaking point—when

health problems, financial struggles, or personal pain become unbearable. But there are no “do-overs” in life!


This unique perspective has shaped and Empowered lives all over the world, and now, He’s developed a brand new program to touch even more People—maybe even YOU.

Introducing the Empowered Life Mastermind Program

The Empowered Life Mastermind Program is an intimate, fully immersive, 12-month study and discussion

group led by Coach Jayson. Its purpose: To guide you in designing, building, and loving the life you’ve been dreaming of.

The program provides structured, consistent support and guidance in a small-group setting, giving you the optimal environment for learning, growth, accountability and truly empowering life change.

What is a Mastermind Group?

For centuries, business leaders around the world have utilized a process known as “masterminding” to connect, share best practices, learn from one another, hold each other accountable, and ultimately, create

powerful outcomes both personally and professionally.  Mastermind groups are exclusive and small. They build friendships and professional networks. Most importantly, they break down the barriers that arise when we “go it alone.”

The Empowered Life Mastermind program is based on the philosophy that together we can accomplish so much more than we can on our own. Participants are encouraged to share freely; bring their best ideas, biggest problems and most authentic selves; and approach each session with an open mind and full heart.

Jayson’s expert guidance and facilitation will ensure the group remains on track, productive, and solution-

The result? A dynamic exchange of wisdom, creativity, and inspiration.

As an EMPOWERED Life Mastermind Member You Will Receive:

  1. Exclusive admission to monthly live ZOOM sessions with Jayson and your Mastermind Group.
  • Group size is limited to 10 to 15 people, ensuring maximum opportunity for interaction and intimate,
  • honest discussion.
  • Personalized coaching and instructor-led training with Jayson Linford. (YOU are an active participant and will get ample time for personal attention!)
  • Each session is focused around an Empowered Life theme (see agenda below).
  • If your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend live, all sessions are recorded and promptly provided to members.
  • Sessions are held monthly, starting in June 2015, for a total of 12 months. (Why that long? See below for details.


2- Pre-meeting exercises, self-assessments, and action items to prepare.  Prior to each session, Jayson will provide individual pre-work to be completed ahead of time. This ensures you get the most out of your investment.

3-  Access to the EMPOWERED Life video library.   You’ll gain exclusive access to Jayson’s educational and entertaining training videos covering the Empowered Life principles and core concepts. Watch them at your leisure as many times as you’d like.

4- Access to Jayson’s Empowered Life tools throughout the program.  To help facilitate your learning and growth, You will be provided a variety of additional resources as you progress. This may include videos, book recommendations, worksheets, audio programs, and more.Monday Motivators weekly e-note from The empowered Life team.  You’ll jump start your workweek when this inspirational and informative newsletter appears in your inbox each Monday morning.

5- Monday Motivators weekly e-note from The empowered Life team.  You’ll jump start your workweek when this inspirational and informative newsletter appears in your inbox each Monday morning.


Why 12 Months?

This is a yearlong program for good reason. We’re working to resolve lifelong struggles. Our needs, challenges and opportunities change month by month, just as the seasons do.The 12-month commitment is long enough to experience real progress, encounter (and overcome) the

The 12-month commitment is long enough to experience real progress, encounter (and overcome) the various stresses brought on by different times of the year, and truly engrain these new life principles.

Regularly scheduled meetings ensure accountability and consistent action. Studies show it’s much easier to stay on track with goals when you have a support network, frequent check-ins, and from deadlines. The program is specifically designed to provide all of this and more.

Your Investment

Regular coaching fees for 90 minutes is $375.00. However, the Empowered Life Mastermind program for is going to allow you to participate in the Program for deeply discounted rates!!  This is for a limited time only 


No-Show and Cancellation Policy: Group sessions may not be rescheduled by the member. 

A Word About YOUR Value and Ours…

You’ve probably heard that there’s a difference between cost and value. This program is a mutual investment between you and your Empowered life Coach. The cost is marginal in comparison to the value.

The true value of this program comes from the results.

You will:

  • Be a more fulfilled and well-rounded person, helping you to perform at peak levels.
  • Expand your network rapidly, connecting with people from all industries.
  • Better integrate life and work, giving you greater capacity for stress management, time management and problem-solving.
  • Improve your professional image, giving you the confidence you need for better decision-making and increased visibility.

Of course, the results belong to you, the mastermind member, so remember that YOU are worth the personal investment and the value of your participation far outweigh the cost. Just consider what it’s worth to you to:

  • Have a personal, mentorship relationship with Jayson Linford, an inspirational champion for empowerment.
  • Make real progress on that career, wellness, family, financial, and spiritual goals you’ve been putting off for years.
  • Have a reliable set of tools and strategies for overcoming the inevitable challenges of life, and the peace of mind that you can handle whatever comes your way in the future.
  • Have consistent support, feedback, inspiration and guidance from other people who know exactly what you’re up against each day.


Are You Ready for the Empowered Life?


This VIP group is for people who:

  • Crave a network of like-minded people.
  • Want a structured path for growth.
  • Are looking for an inspirational guide and mentor.
  • Feel called to make BIG life changes and want support to make it happen.
  • Are eager to grow and learn.
  • Are driven toward excellence.
  • Love reading, thinking, and discussing new ideas.
  • Are solution finders (not problem dwellers).
  • Are self-refective and open to feedback.
  • Maintain confidentiality and trust.
  • Bring diverse skills, perspectives and experiences.
  • Enjoy thoughtful, empathetic and compassionate conversation.
  • Set goals and execute their plans.

So, are you ready to live an Empowered life? Join us!