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Episode 007 | Interview with memory expert Bob Kittell

Interview With Bob Kittell | The Memory Expert In this episode we talk about the benefits that an improved memory has in life.  You will get techniques that you can take away and apply into your life today.  I am a big believer in personal growth and learning how to...
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Episode #4

Dr. Paul Jenkins : The science of Positive thinking 3 things you will learn. 2 Life hacks for going from a negative mindset to seeing the positive. The science of comparison and how to make it serve you. How to be a creator of a positive future.   To connect and...
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Episode #3

3 Vital Questions to Have Powerful Personal Growth We all have a way to go and things we want to accomplish and we cannot just think that willpower will get us there.  Otherwise, we are left making the same New Years resolutions every year.  To say that others have it...
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Episode #2

3 Essential Keys To Living out Your Purpose If you don’t know where you are going any path will take you there.  That is the reality of this life, without a direction what we do today does not really have an impact on our future plans because we don’t have...
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Episode #1

Your past is essential to fulfill your purpose Our pasts are full of STUFF.  And most of us have stuff in our past that we can’t seem to take our eyes off.  It is the cause of suffering, it causes us to keep tripping over things that are actually opportunities,...
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