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About the elevate mastermind

This mastermind is NOT about learning from a guru. Our team does not have all the answers and we will let you know that up front.  Although we may not have all the answers there are a few things we have figured out over the years that have helped us to be successful in marketing all different kinds of business.  This Mastermind is NOT the guru teaching you everything or your money back, rather this is about collaboration, brainstorming, support, and accountability.  We will share the step by step processes of what has worked for us.  For this mastermind, we have put together a system where each key can stand on its own but when combined they make for stronger and more efficient marketing.

Three key focus areas

1. Online Marketing – There are many types of online marketing but for the purpose of this mastermind we are going to go over Facebook lead ads carried out in three steps:   

Step #1) present to you a step by step process of how we got a performing ad.   

Step #2) Help you to get it set up and implemented.   

Step #3) make adjustments until you get a performing ad.

2. Farm / Sphere Prospecting – We will go over some new ideas on how to engage your farm area. We will talk about some low cost and No cost solutions for making a splash in your farm and being able to stick close to home.

3. Open Houses – I know, I know, you have probably heard about open houses but the ideas we share in this training will incorporate your sphere and your farm into what can be one big party.  

Where will the mastermind be held?

1. Facebook – Most of the Group collaboration and training will happen in a closed private Facebook page.  We have chosen Facebook as the primary forum because we understand that sometimes people get stuck in the implementation process with questions, concerns, or just not being sure.  With Facebook, you can post to the group 24/7 and someone will respond asap.  The Facebook group also allows for collaboration and sharing ideas for group discussion and input.

2. eXp World –  Although many of you will not be on the Premier Agent Team eXp is still allowing mastermind members to use the world for training purposes.  Downloading eXp World will give you access to all of the live training eXp has in addition to the training that the Elevate mastermind will conduct in the eXp world.

How long is the mastermind?

The mastermind will be 30 days

What is expected of mastermind members?

1. Participate – We expect every member to act as if they were paying to be a part of this group.  Afterall you are investing your time and that is your most valuable asset so it is best to use it wisely.

2. Support – There will be agents of all skill levels and experience in the business but everyone is expected to be supportive of the group and its individual members.  It is up to you to give your unique perspective and input.

3. Hold others accountable –  The primary responsibility of the Admins are to hold the mastermind members accountable but we ask that you take part in holding the other members accountable as well.

4. Be accountable – It is one thing to hold others accountable but being held accountable can sometimes take a shot of humility.  But our view is the highest form of love is accountability.

What about after the mastermind?

Join the Premier Group team – Although it is our goal to provide you with valuable and actionable takeaways from this group to go out and Improve your situation right where you are, this is just a sample of what you would be getting if you decide to join our team.  We understand that there is no model that is right for everyone but we want to give everyone the opportunity to find out more about who we are if interested.

Join the postgraduate group – After the Mastermind, you will have the option of joining the postgraduate Facebook group.  We are just starting this group so you will be the first ones on it but you will be joined soon after by subsequent mastermind graduates.  In this group, you are free to continue to collaborate with each other, brainstorm ideas, etc.  We will also offer other training from time to time.  The main difference is that we will not be as hands-on as we are in the Mastermind.

What is the catch?

No catch, No sale, No Upcharge.  We hope that we provide enough value that you feel good about referring your friends in the industry.

Do you offer any other training?

The premier group offers many trainings, some are exclusive to Premier group team members and others are offered for free like the Elevate Mastermind.  They vary from one-day training to 6-month training for some of the team building strategy masterminds.

How can I get in Touch?

1. Email You can send email to:    jayson.linford@exprealty.com

2. Set up a phone call For any reason such as:   

  • Inquire about the Elevate Mastermind
  • business planning strategy session
  • Onboarding with the Premier Group
  • just to be friends

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