Congratulations!!! You made it!

This Man lives at the the assisted living place I volunteer at. He is 114 years old and he is my new inspiration.

You know that post FAT FAT. Yeah anyone that has lost a little weight has felt it. Its that place that you let yourself slide into after a few months in the new body.

That place that is easy to justify because we have certainly come along way and we are so much further than we used to be.

Well I have been living there for a little while and let me just share what I have realized about that place.

It might be the most dangerous place of all because we are living in the “good enough” life that robs us from a great life. The feeling of mediocrity is not something that compartmentalizes to fitness alone, it permeates the rest of our life as well.

I See that the places I fall short are due in large part to what I am focusing on. If my goal is weight then it is hard to keep going once it is met. One of the KEY principles to living a life of emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical healthy habits is to BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND.

My new goal is to live at 114 like this man