I get it!!  I get it!!  You are busy!! And you should be, you are building your future.  BUT just because you are busy does not mean that you don’t have the time to improve yourself by reading or listening to books written by people that have different experiences than you.  There is generally two ways to learn something, one, is we have the experience ourselves or, two, We can learn from the experience of others.  Option two will accelerate the ability we have to learn from both the mistakes and the success of others.

NET Time.  No. Extra. Time.  This is how I consume about 80% of the personal development I get in every week.  Most of it is through Audible.  You can listen while you drive, while you exercise, while you fold the laundry.  Trust me after a while you will crave the learning that you get especially as you are able to apply it more and more each day.  The books listed below are some of the best books I have read regarding sales and leadership.  I have not put any of the classics here as I assume that most of you are aware of books like rich dad poor dad.