The generosity is a 21-day experiment in generosity.  Where you will use every day as an opportunity to be intentional about your generosity.  It is a challenge to act when you may not have before.  It is a challenge to see a new way different from the way you see in front of you now.  There are three basic steps to beginning your own Generosity Experiment.

  1. Order your generosity cards
  2. Be generous and leave behind a Generosity card when you do it.
  3. Continue for the next 21 days

Below are some resources to help you get the most out of this experiment.  I hope you will take this opportunity to go all-in and see what can happen.

Take the survey to record your reality as it is now.

Just like you would in any survey,  Making an accurate account of the reality you live now will give you a good idea of the effect that generosity can really have on your life.

Share your results

The most efficient way for any idea to spread is by sharing our experience.  Sharing your story about both giving and getting generosity is not to put the person sharing on a pedestal but rather it is to shed light on the idea of what generosity can do for not just the individual but what it can do for the world.

Podcast Community

The Generosity Experiment podcast is a 8 episode mini-series to help you get an idea of what we are trying to accomplish with this project.  It will also give you insight as to how it came to be and we even share some ideas of how it can be implemented.  This podcast will benefit you even if you choose not to participate in your own experiment.

Join the Experiment Community

Like any good scientist we life to share our data and ideas for better results.  This is a great place to come to be inspired and get ideas for your own personal breakthroughs.

Order Your tools

Your Generosity cards the best way for you to invite those around you to participate in the Generosity Experiment.  These cards will also allow your ripple of generosity to have greater impact and reach more people.