About Me

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 1.36.51 PMI have had the opportunity to be in some very unique situations that have been a great teacher to me.  My experiences have given me a unique perspective of this world and my individual purpose for my life.

I was born in Salt Lake City, UT and I grew up in Orem, UT.  I did most things a boy would do except I feel like I have always had this confidence in myself.  “I can figure it out” was my response to things I didn’t know and I believed I could!

I played sports, I love sports and what they teach us about life.  They can be hard, but they can teach us that we have power over our bodies, they teach us perseverance, work ethic and many other invaluable life lessons.

At a young age I had the desire to have my OWN money to spend how I saw fit.  So the only course of action I saw was to go into business for myself…..  at the age of 14. Since my dad worked at a block plant that sold retaining wall block systems and I had helped out on a few retaining walls myself.  It just seemed natural that that’s what I would do.  So I put my flyers up and went into business.  Looking back and remembering the looks on customers facers and the things they would say I am sure they were reacting to a boy of 14 years old showing up to give them a bid for a retaining wall they themselves didn’t feel they had the expertise to build, and most of them for thousands of dollars.

I can remember one sandbox I was hired to build where I charged the guy 1400 dollars, I was done by noon.  I think after the guy saw that not only was I 14 but it only took me 4 hours to do, he felt a little taken advantage of.  I can remember feeling that I didn’t want to ever feel like that and if I was ever going to pay for something it was going to be worth it, and if it is worth the price I pay then the means by which it comes about is of no consequence.

The experience I had building retaining walls taught be a very valuable lesson of what worth I had could only be determined by me if I was going to be happy.  Being able to dictate what I was paid and for what jobs was the most liberating feeling in the world to me.

Later, after High school graduation I might have forgotten what that feeling was like working for myself those summers, so I went and got a job at a telemarketing floor.  I was quickly reminded of my passion and quit within two weeks of starting.

At the age of 19 I decided that I would serve a mission, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who were ready.  I learned so mush through this process and grew both as a man and spiritually.  I learned about the kind of love it takes to truly serve and I will be forever grateful for the experience.

I did many things to make ends meet upon my return but The thing that really shook me was a big failure.  I was married now with two kids and things were going well.  Then within a few months everything fell apart.  Our finances dwindled to nothing and I felt myself stepping back from the confident man I had become.

Once the dust was starting to settle from the bomb that had been dropped on us following foreclosure, bankruptcy, failed business, losing investor capital (life savings for some).  I was having a hard time mustering up the courage to do it again.  So I took a JOB answering phones.  IT WAS A FULL CIRCLE MOMENT.

We were living paycheck to paycheck not building any sort of savings.  I was not living a life of abundance, I had chosen to accept whatever life would give to me because I didn’t want to feel the kind of failure I had felt again.

My Family

My Family

I was so focused on what was behind me that I had no vision for my life in front of me. This lasted what seemed like an eternity, I am still astonished to think that  I let myself settle for so long for something that was killing me from the inside out.  I knew better, I had had better and I was settling.

One day after about 4 years of struggling this way my wife came to me with a vision of her desire to start a health and fitness Business online through a company called Beachbody.  It was easy for me to support someone else pursuing the ideals that I knew to be true.  So when she came to me I immediately knew she would do well.

It has been through seeing her grow through reading personal development books, being stretched in leadership, and learning how to trust in herself that I have come to realize that looking in the past in fear is a waste of time and the only real joy can come from building a vision ahead of you.

I have Lost over 60 pounds doing various programs and I eat better than I ever have (still not perfect, but working on it).  I read a personal development everyday and I can see far ahead of me, and that which I cannot see I can still walk toward with faith.

My failures AND my successes have brought me to where I am today.  They have taught me invaluable lessons that I needed to learn.  I embrace the moments life has in store for me as I take action toward my future with an eye of faith.