About Jayson Linford

Jayson Linford is a passionate Self-help Author and Serial Entrepreneur on a lifelong mission to help people dismantle that “no outlet” sign in their lives, so they can step into their best version and actualize their dreams. After countless trials and triumphs (including overcoming bankruptcy, owning multiple businesses, and being a stay-at-home dad), he has acquired invaluable wisdom that he strives to share with others for their greater good.

Most recently, Jayson conducted a generosity experiment, spending 21 days redefining both his habits and mindset toward generosity. He documents his entire transformative journey in his book, “Redefining Generosity: How Uncovering the Hidden Truths of Generosity Can Enrich Your Life.”

When he isn’t inspiring others through the power of words, Jayson enjoys coaching and cycling. He is also an avid fitness enthusiast. However, his number one is and will always be his amazing family.


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