Julie Brown is a Mentor and Life Coach helping entrepreneur couples improve their relationships, increase their ability to receive and act on inspiration, and improve their ability to create money in their businesses. She is the mother of 3 lively children and the wife to an AMAZING man. She loves health, growing her own food, relationships, helping others connect with God, teaching people how making lots of money is all in their head, and helping others live at the next level. Julie is a former auto mechanic, Zumba instructor and garden blogger. She grew up on a farm and was her Dad’s farm hand along with her brothers. She loves to try new things and learn new concepts. But the most important things in her life begin with being a wise mom to her kids and a good wife for her entrepreneur husband. You will love Julie’s enthusiastic style, and her intuitive, and step by step way of teaching. Don’t forget to put your seatbelt on, because you are in for a great ride!!


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