Your past is essential to fulfill your purpose

Our pasts are full of STUFF.  And most of us have stuff in our past that we can’t seem to take our eyes off.  It is the cause of suffering, it causes us to keep tripping over things that are actually opportunities, but because we can’t see them coming we trip.  A vision of what is behind you never inspired anyone to have a vision of what is ahead of them.

We are NOT a victim of our past, We are products of them. No matter how much you hate it or despise it, You are still a product of it.  As long as you spend you days hating your past you are carving out space to hold yourself in contempt today!!

Learning to love the person and the other people and circumstances that got you are where you are today should be appreciated and loved for their part in your journey because those experiences are where the power lies to fulfill your purpose.  The more love you have for your past the more in line and in tune you will be with your purpose.

“If you spend your life driving down the road looking backwards your are going to crash!”

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