We have all been there before right??  You know that feeling of excitement you have about a new venture you are about to set out on.  You get that nervous excitement, whether it is because you are starting a new job, starting a new business, you have decided to run a marathon, or whatever it is.  The simple fact is that if it causes you to get the butterflies and be a little scared then it is probably significant to your life.  Sometimes we know why it is significant, but often times we have not put our finger on exactly why THIS thing we are about to embark on is significant to us, but just because we have not identified WHY does not mean that we don’t deserve to uncover it.


So we have made up our minds to start a new journey, to create a new pathway for our life.  We feel nervous and maybe a little scared, or A LOT scared.  The first things many of us do is instead of uncovering our why we look around for a mentor or an example to discover our why.  We don’t want to mess this thing up because we can feel the specialness of it, so we look for someone else in a similar circumstance or that was in a similar circumstance and we make the biggest mistake we can make.  We adopt the why of someone else.


The difference between adopting the why of your mentor and uncovering your own why is the difference between being pulled or being pushed.  So many settle for being pushed and it is exhausting and is a lot less inspiring.  When you understand the significance of your path it will sink its hooks into you and pull you towards it.


This is a warning to those of you that lead others; if you want a team that is inspired by the work they do then assist them in finding the significance of their chosen path.

Uncovering their why might be deeper than even they realize, it can take a while to find their significance but it is worth being patient.  Don’t let your short sided need for quotas and rank superseded the long term effects of helping someone to truly understand their why.


If I recruit someone into my business who has decided their goal is to gain financial freedom, even if they understand that, it will not do any good if I turn around and help them set goals that are so far removed from that goal that it detaches the sacrifices they are making from the significance of their journey.

Recognition is a wonderful thing when we are trying to move the needle in our business but if all we ever do is reward the behaviours that benefit us then we will miss an opportunity to assist those we lead to progress down their path.

Here are ## things you can do to ensure that you and those you lead stay clear on their purpose.

  1. Download and fill out the success criteria worksheet
    • What Result do you want to have
    • What is the Purpose of your path
    • Create a plan of action
  2. Declare your purpose statement (1 to 2 sentences)
  3. Review it daily.(at least have it visible in your workspace)