When I first started I had a really hard time with defining my message. I wanted to make sure that I had a big enough tent that I could include most everybody

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Defining your Avatar chart

because I knew that my message belonged in the hearts and minds of everybody. I felt guilty for leaving people out based on the content I would share and the marketing message I would present. This is a common thing for most people starting something where other people are involved. Whether it is a speech given at church or you are launching a million dollar business, we all want our message to resonate with as many people as possible.

As I was doing my research to discover how I wanted to present my message I came across a statistic in the book “The ultimate sales machine” by Chet holmes. The statistic stated that only about 3% of the people who hear your message are ready to buy now or apply what you have to say NOW. There are another 6-7% who are open to buying. Then you have 30% who are just not thinking about it but could be interested and your last stubborn 30% will never buy no matter what you show them.

These statistics were very clarifying for me. I realized how potential energy and time I was going to waste trying to chase people that will never join my tribe and at the same time missing out on the people who are ready to buy NOW.

Step 1     Focus on The top 10%

When you focus on the 10% you are focusing on the people that are most like you. These people want to be able to see themselves in your stories. They are going through similar struggles and enjoy the same type of inspiration that you do. Focusing on these people will not only allow you to be authentic but the more authentic you are the stronger the response you will get from this group.

Authenticity has an interesting way of getting the next 30% to sit up and take notice because whether or not they have the same story as you someone that is authentic has a certain attraction and appeal. The struggle you might have with narrowing your focus to the top 10% is that you could have been using your broad message to avoid being authentic. Authenticity means you are intimate with your message. I have always like the breaking down of the word intimacy that goes like this “IN-TO-ME-YOU-SEE”. If you are going to allow people to see what is inside your heart and mind it is going to feel risky but it is the only way to create your tribe, the group you create that your message resonates with.

Step 2   Stop worrying about those who are not going to follow you anyway

It is easy to want to convince everyone that what we are doing is good or that our product can really help them. Naturally, you are excited and what you have to offer may very well benefit everyone but the fact is that not everyone will buy what you have to offer. All of the energy you spend trying to convince that sister-in-law that you are not crazy or the time you spend crafting the perfect response to that jerk who left a post on your Facebook wall is all taking away from your 10%. It is taking away from your success. STOP IT they were never going to buy from you anyway and all you are doing when you give time and energy to the naysayers is increasing the likelihood that you will prove them right.  It is vital that you stay on point with not just your message but even more important are your thoughts. This will happen the more focus you give to what you need to say to your 10%

Step 3    Define what you want to say to the 10%

In a short paragraph write down what you want to say to your 10%. This paragraph is NOT ABOUT WHY they should buy your product. IT IS ABOUT what you want for them. Your product is just a tool to get your tribe where you want. This is your opportunity to dig in and put your purpose down on words. If it is bigger than your product that is a good thing, in fact, if you want to be really successful people will be attracted to you because of your story and they will buy your product because they trust you. Lead with this in your thoughts, before you speak, think of this. Ask yourself the question does before you push post or send, “is this in line with my 10% message?” if not delete it.Beauty-Artists-does-your-brand-stant-out-2

STEP 4 Define your avatar

Your avatar is not just a demographic. You need to make it a person that has dreams, desires, and struggles. Again don’t be afraid of alienating your audience. Your Avatar is your 1% They are the ones that you speak to.

Defining an Avatar is more about you honing your message, making it clear and concise for one person so that everyone can understand it. When we try to speak to everyone no one listens. Give them a name, Draw a picture of them if you feel so inclined. As you share your message with your avatar remember it is about cultivating a relationship of trust with them and the best way to do that is to be vulnerable. SHARE YOU. I don’t know of any deep impactful relationships where the people do not know the real details of each other’s life. Since you cannot know all of your customer’s details you can know your avatars.
Being authentic with your followers creates a magnetic pull and the ones who are ready and willing to join your tribe will be attracted to you. 10% is enough to be successful. Don’t let your mind wander about the other 90% because if you focus on the 10% they are the ones that will be loyal and they will be there 10 years from now.