Most of the God-fearing world believes that the more righteous and more correct choices that we make the more God sees fit to bless us. They view God as the gatekeeper of the blessings that we need in our life, bestowing them when we have met his requirements. If you believe that God blesses those who meet his requirements then you must also believe that he is punishing, or at least be withholding blessing for those who don’t follow his plan. In the world we live in where everything is merit-based and to consider ourselves good it means that someone else has to be bad, in order to be first then someone else has to be second. We love to compare, we love it so much that we have convinced ourselves that there is such a thing as righteous pride, that it is okay to be proud of our kids for being better than the other kids as long as it is about the good choices they have made. The fact is that none of us is better than any other, not the leader of ISIS, Hitler, or mother Teresa. Really what it comes down to is how we are seen in the eyes of God and the way that God sees us. The way that God loves us is not just the same for ALL of us, but it is unconditional for ALL of us. Yes, I know it is hard to comprehend that he loves a suicide bomber terrorist as much as he loves you but it is the truth.

Self help

We get to choose the life we want

I don’t subscribe to the idea that if we jump through hoops just the right way that only then will God bestow blessing upon us, leaving us confused in this epic guessing game. God is a much more loving God than we give him credit for. God has a grand design for us on this earth, he wants us back, but it has to be on our terms and our terms alone. Imagine a God forcing someone who has rejected him to live with him.

So if we are all equal, he wants all of us back with him, and there is a plan what is it? Well, that is for you to figure out on your own but I want to share with you the conclusion I have come to about how it really works. The most precious gift that we have been given here in mortality is our choice. It is really the only thing that is ours and the key to wherever we end up in this life or the next. But the choices are not predicated upon God giving blessing based on good choices but rather God has built a world that is governed by infinite principles. All of the blessing and successes and gifts that we will ever receive in our lifetime have been here for the taking since our first day on this earth. We are waiting for God to send us his blessings when they are already here. We spend way more time looking up with our arms open for a blessing when we should be looking at ourselves and asking the question “What choices can I make that will get me the blessing I seek that is already here”. I am not saying that we can’t look up for help on making the best choices but I am saying it is our choices that got us where we are today and if our choices got us here they can get us somewhere else.

When we see God as bestowing blessings based on a certain criteria it breeds apathy waiting for God to give you what you need but when you know that God has already created an abundant life for you, all you have to do is live into it and that your choices are the tool it creates some urgency to get to work.

it is not so much about our lives getting better but our perspectives will change the more open our eyes get. God has given us the power to make this life what WE WANT. The plan of happiness is not one of waiting on God to give us what we want. He wants us to be happy now and has given us the tools to be happy NOW and whatever circumstance we find ourselves in. If he wanted it to be called the plan of suffering so you can learn how to be happy later he would have called it that. It is the plan of happiness for a reason!God is not playing games, happiness is always an option because you always have a choice.