The idea of naming your first son after the father is that you hope that one day they will grow up to follow in their father’s footsteps. Well, the idea sounded great to My wife and me when we had our first son.  So we named him Jayson Mack Linford, We had always i
intended on calling him Mack because we didn’t want to get people confused and because it is also a name of a special person in our family tree.

Well up to this point things have gone pretty much as expected.  We call our son Mack and so does everyone else.  We get compliments all the time
e on what a neat name it is. (Patting myself on the back)  Until NOW.  Brigitte and I went to our first parent-teacher conference this year and the teacher expresses to us that Mack had asked to be called Jayson.  At first, the thought was that this is just a little phase and it would go away so we didn’t pay much attention to it, but over the past year, Mack has been persistent with his desire to be called by his given name and also my name of Jayson.

As I have thought abou12170680_10206549864898260_1920506362_nt this boy, my son, wanting to be called by my name I have done a lot of reflecting, asking a lot of questions of myself.  Am I modeling the kind of person that I want my son to become?  Do I dream big enough so that he can begin to discover his potential?  Am I doing things in my life that are big enough so that I have the opportunity to fail?  How am I handling adversity?  Am I giving enough?  Do I love enough?  Do I share my life with him so that he can SEE me doing good and making mistakes?

Am I handling my life the way I would want my children to handle theirs??

I know a lot of single people without children yet THIS STILL APPLIES!!  We all have a responsibility to the world to live our best lives.  We have people looking at as examples whether we ask for it or not.  The quality of our lives is in large part dependent on how serious we take that fact.  Just because you are going through a hard time does not mean that people take a break from watching.  In fact, it is the hard times when they do the MOST watching, it is in those times when we have the greatest potential to make the biggest impact.