What is the meaning of VOCATION?

Well for many the term has come to be simply what you do for a living. BUT there is a much more profound meaning, one that I prefer to focus on.

ghana collageA calling of an individual by God.

Could it be that what you do, whether it be for money or just the way you fill your time can also be a calling from the most high?

I am of the opinion that all we go through in life, both success and failure gives us the experience we need to both be in the right place to discover our calling and the ears to hear it.

Our callings will be ever evolving because as God sees us doing our callings well he will open new doors to add unto us. This does not mean life will always become easier. It does not always mean we will have more money. But what it DOES mean is that we get to live a life of purpose.

One of the KEYS I have found to be essential in pursuit of answering the CALL is when you feel the gentle tug I need to ACT!!

I have felt the Tug to for a time to serve and The people of Ghana have been on my heart. I am not sure if it is for them or me that I have had these feelings. But regardless I chose to ACT and in a few short weeks, I am headed to a foreign land to learn and serve in a way I never have.

If you have felt the desire to take a new direction in your life or that you are still on your journey from punching a time clock to finding your life’s purpose, TRUST in the process and take the next step.