God has planted in every heart a song.  Each of us has a song that is meant to be heard and illuminate the world around us.  It will lift our thoughts, our dreams, and our empathy.  Learning the words to our song will take courage, faith, and perseverance.

quote-Oliver-Wendell-Holmes-many-people-die-with-their-music-still-91188_1Most people find themselves in careers or living lives that do anything but inspire them, and this can lead to complacency. Why would I take such a risk? My friends and family members aren’t. Doing so would make me weird, maybe even alienate me from those who love me. So they don’t ever find the time, and sadly they “die with their song still in them,” as Oliver Wendell Holmes once wrote.

Life is not a guaranteed to any of us.  The time to sing your song is now!!  There is never a person too old, too poor, too busy, or too successful to figure out what their song is and then to sing it.  It is one of our primary purposes here on this earth.