It is easy to settle into life and get complacent with where we are. We put our aspirations and dreams on the back burner and settle for something that is enough to get by but by no means living out our calling, that thing we were born to do.

Each Human being born on this earth has something to add to this experience on earth, we have all been blessed with something that will be a contribution unto this world. This sometimes can be known to us by a desire we have, a dream that is cultivated, but more times than not we find our calling through experience. A calling is not usually made known unto us in an instant but rather it is something we are prepared for.  It is almost as if through our intentional actions toward the direction we feel our heart pulling us, we are building a bridge that will enable us to find our THING.
The biggest issue that most of us have is not the feeling of our heart tugging at us in a new direction BUT it’s the FEAR of not knowing what to do next.  You might have a BIG dream honor your callingor a great desire and the thought of getting started is overwhelming. Not having a clue where to begin paralyzes you.  When we are paralyzed, when we give in to NO ACTION the most destructive thing happens.  We rob ourselves and the world of the gift that we have to offer.  That is what is most important, doing what it takes to figure out the thing we are meant to do.

The path may not be clear, in fact, it is not clear most of the time.  More often than not all we will have is a feeling that we ARE NOT THERE YET.  and that is an okay feeling. Because the path is not clear we will have failure and through those failures, we get to learn A LOT and those failures help us to realize our calling when we see it, or rather when we experience it.

So if this speaks to you and you are somewhere that you feel contented but also feel your heart whispering to you that you have more to do THE ONLY WAY you can answer the call is to ACT.  Do something!!  If you feel the call to serve, find a way to serve stop waiting for it to find you. You will probably not find your calling on your first try, but you will be in pursuit of it.  Being in pursuit of your calling is the most worthwhile and rewarding pursuit one can embark on.  If you feel a pull to a cause ACT.