feedback-heads1There seems to always come a time in a new venture whether it be deciding to lose weight, travel the world or start a new business when enough people notice and start to have opinions.  My advice is to be really careful who you let speak into your life!  Protect your vision and dreams.

When people see you pass them or even when they see you take action while they are standing still, often there is a subconscious insecurity that is forming within them. The way that insecurity comes out sometimes, is doubt in you or in your direction.

BUT……….Before you can chalk their lack of support for you to insecurity here are some questions to ask yourself:

1) Are the people in your life that you would like support from fully informed?   Is their doubt or lack of support emotionally charged because of your lack of information to them?

2) Do they get a balanced view of what you are doing?    Are you only giving them part of the information?   Are you sharing things with them only when it is negative or when you’re stressed out?

3) Do you include them in celebrating the positive?

4) Do you view them as part of your team?

5) Have you sat down with them and expressed to them your vision and even ask them to contribute to the vision?

6) Do you have goals TOGETHER?  you can’t expect your spouse to make the sacrifices that come with big dreams when he doesn’t have the same end in mind.

Sometimes I think it is easier to use our support system as a scapegoat rather than own up to our lack of commitment and resistance to going all in.

Because if they support you and you fail THEN WHAT??

Well, This is where it really gets good because until you will have the opportunity to be vulnerable and really get to “lean in” to your support, and they get to feel you lean in. TRUST grows and your relationships can flourish.  TAKE THE CHANCE!!

Be Consistent with your WHY!!  Paint your vision all over the place!!  make sure you don’t forget what it is you are working for and show those that support you why they made the right choice or if they don’t support you, what the right choice is.

Remember life is not stagnant and things will change which will make it paramount to have an open dialog about roles, and expectations.

Just remember to look inward before you outward.  All information can be used for good data and sometimes the information we like the least gives us the greatest opportunities to make the biggest improvements.